Reid Air 014 The F-16C/D Exposed

Reid Air 014 The F-16C/D Exposed
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Reid Air – The F-16C/D Exposed

by Jack Melampy


This is an expanded reprint of the initial Modern Viper Guide, featuring an astonishing 1,340 full-color images within a massive 240 pages. This book is undoubtedly the most thorough of ANY reference book ever released on the F-16. Not only does it feature EVERY F-16 Block from the earliest Block 25 up to the lates Block 52+, it also covers jets from the USAF and export nations. Greece? check. Turkey? check. Iraq? check. Morocco? check. Singapore? check. QF-16s? check.


Sized A4, softcover, English text, 240 pages, full colour, over 1,340 photographs.

An absolute high-end walk around book, which leaves nothing to be desired. The authors cover the following fields in writing and by photos of US and International F-16C/Ds

- radar and avionics

- cockpits

- landing gears

- engines

- armament and ordinance

- squadrons and wings

- airframe details


and much more...!