HARPIA19 Russias Airlaunched Weapons

HARPIA19 Russias Airlaunched Weapons
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HARPIA – Russia's Airlaunched Weapons

by Piotr Butowski

Format A4, Softcover, 96 Seiten, 1 s/w Fotos, 89 Farbfotos, 24 Karten und Farbzeichnungen, engl. Text und Bildunterschriften.

ISBN: 978-0-9973092-1-8


The contents of this work encompasses the strategic air-launched weapons that comprise a vital element of Russia’s nuclear forces, including little-known free-fall bombs, strategic and theatre-level air-to-surface missiles, and future projects such as exotic hypersonic weapons. Significant coverage is given over to the uniquely diverse range of tactical air-to-surface missiles, including details of their production, guidance methods and applications, with exhaustive tables of specifications. Study of Russian air-to-air missiles includes close-combat, medium-range and long-range types, while inclusion of helicopter-launched missiles extends the scope of the work to anti-armour weapons. As well as free-fall and guided bombs, offensive stores under scrutiny include rockets of all types, while a chapter on naval weapons includes important stores ranging from anti-submarine torpedoes and missiles to depth charges and various types of mine. Not neglected are the guns and gun pods that make up an important part of Russian aircraft’s arsenals.