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Daasault Mystére IV

by Ra'anan Weiss und Shlomo Aloni


Format A4, Softcover, englischer Text, 84 Seiten, mehrheitlich s/w bebildert, farbige  Seitenrisse, über 300 Fotos


Late in 1953, the IAF recognized a need for a contemporary swept-wing jet fighter. The 1st choice F-86 Sabre proved unobtainable, but after a difficult procurement process, the ultimate solution became the French-built Mystère IV transonic fighter-bomber. Follows the Mystère from initial deliveries in April of 1956, through the Suez War (October-November 1956), contrasts it with the MiG-15 over the Sinai, covers degradation to 2nd line status, light attack duty in the Six Day War (June 1967), and ultimately retirement in March of 1971. Includes a table summarizing the fate of all Israeli Mystère IVs and 20 color profiles illustrating typical IAF color schemes applied to this type.